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History 696: Introduction to History and New Media

This graduate course is designed to introduce high school teachers to the theories and methods of digital history, including the resources, skills, and tools in use today by digital historians. Together, we pursue both the technical and theoretical aspects of digital history; we explore new forms of historical writing, such as blogs and wikis, and the questions digital history raises about the nature of historical thinking. We also evaluate the means by which history is being distributed, evaluated, and taught. In so doing, we will turn a critical eye to the various types of websites, resources, and tools available to and being created by individuals in the service of sharing the past.

Spring 2016


History 390 – The Digital Past

This required GMU course prepares students to use and understand a wide variety of current and emerging digital technologies, including maps, data sets, and visualizations. We explore these technologies in the context of an upper-division history class, but no background in history is required. We discuss how to find and use digital information for research, including how to write and publish effectively online. We explore issues of ethics, copyright and information security, and experiment with a wide variety of online tools and technologies. Additionally, we cover advanced search methods, and how to pull together disparate pieces of a research project into a coherent whole. Over the course of the semester, students will use these technologies to create and publish an individual research project using WordPress and ReclaimHosting.

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