Fall 2013, Robinson B208, Thursdays @ 4:30

Text Mining

All, don’t forget text mining is a viable option for your final projects.

Time Magazine Corpus – 1923-2006
Mining Google Books Corpus 1500s-2000s

Reading Primary Sources: Pearl Harbor and WWII

In class, we’ll workshop Roosevelt’s War Declaration, Dec. 8, 1941 to joint session of Congress (video) Full text with margin notes  as a group and then break off into teams to analyze the following primary source materials:

  1. McCollum Memo, October 7, 1940.
  2. New York Times, Dec. 8, 1941.
  3.  Maurice Matloff and Edwin M. Snell, United States Army in World War II, The War Department: Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare, 1941-1942 chapter on the conflict with Japan and Pearl Harbor.


Welcome to History 390-003, The Digital Past

Welcome to the Digital Past (section 003).

At its core, this course will prepare you to use and understand a wide variety of current and emerging digital technologies in the service of doing history (and beyond). We’ll explore issues of ethics, copyright & security. We’ll discuss how historians find and use digital information for their own research. We’ll also experiment with a wide variety of online tools and technologies, including maps, data visualizations, HTML, CSS & advanced searching, among others. Over the course of the semester, you will use these technologies to help you answer questions about a historical topic of your choosing for a final project, which you’ll publish on either WordPress, or–if you’re feeling ambitious–on a site you design yourself.

This site will house the core information for a successful semester, including course requirements, and up-to-date schedule (please rely on the information here and not on the paper syllabus for due dates, et cetera), and the policies governing the class. Please read it thoroughly and bookmark it.

Prior to our first meeting on Thursday, August 29th, please make sure to complete the course work listed in the schedule and answer the very brief student survey.

See you then!