Week 3: Primary Sources


— Using Primary Sources: Primary Source Village, Modules 1 & 3 (Univ. of Illinois Library)

— Errol Morris, Photography as a Weapon (2008)

— Todd VenDerWerff, The Tony Soprano and Hello Kitty stories are about the same thing, Vox (2014)

Visual Literacy, UC Irvine Libraries

The Basics of Visual Literacy, University of Maryland


— “Why Historical Thinking Matters.” (10 short video modules.)


— National Archives, “Document Analysis Worksheets”

Historical Thinking Chart


  1. What are primary sources?
  2. How do historians read, analyze, interpret, and/or use them?
  3. How do historians “read” photographs?

Writing Prompt #1; responses are due Fri Sept 19, by midnight.

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