Course Requirements

In lieu of a required textbook (all your assigned readings will be available to you for free online), you will be required to purchase a domain of your own and server space which will house your blog and your final project from Reclaim Hosting for $25. You should plan to do this before the second week of class.

*While no textbook or background in history is required for this class, I strongly recommend you consult the free online history text, American Yawp chapters 16-23, to get some context and refresh your memory about American history between 1870 and 1930.

Please bring a laptop or tablet to every class—you’ll need it to complete the required in-class exercises. Please charge your battery or remember to bring your power cord; our classes are two hours and forty minutes. While I encourage the use of technology, if you are clearly using your devices for things other than coursework, your participation grade will suffer.

All GMU students have agreed to abide by the letter and the spirit of the University Honor Code not to cheat, plagiarize, steal, and/or lie about matters related to academic work. All violations of the Honor Code will be reported to the Honor Committee for review.

If you are copying and pasting text that someone else wrote, you might be plagiarizing. Pasted or manually retyped text is not plagiarized only when all of the following three conditions are true:

  1. the pasted text is surrounded by quotation marks or set off as a block quote, and
  2. the pasted text is attributed in your text to its author and its source (e.g., “As Jane Smith writes on her blog . . . “), and
  3. the pasted text is cited in a footnote, endnote, and/or a bibliography.

Any student who requires special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact me to make necessary accommodations (as soon as possible, please). Students must present appropriate verification from the Office of Disability Services (SUB I, Room 4205; 703-993-2474). All academic accommodations must be arranged through that office.

If you are forced to miss an assignment or a deadline as the result of an illness or a family emergency, I will require proper documentation, without which your excuses will not be accepted and you will receive a zero for that assignment.

Let me reiterate that: late work will not be accepted without proper documentation.

Email is the best way to reach me; I will usually respond within one business day and I will expect the same of you. Mason uses only GMU email accounts to communicate with enrolled students. I will not correspond with non-GMU email addresses.

Computers are awesome, but with any technology, you have to expect that you will encounter problems at some point. Back up your work on an external hard drive or in a Dropbox account. Always keep separate copies of your written assignments, essays, and final project. Have a “plan B” for computer use or software access should your primary options fail you. Computer problems are not acceptable as excuses for missed assignments.

Trigger warning: In this class, we will be extensively covering various types of violent crime, including homicide. As such, some of the assigned sources can be upsetting or disturbing. If you have specific triggers, please let me know and I will note the assignments accordingly. To a degree, we should expect learning to be an uncomfortable process, so please note that these warnings will not release you from the assignment. The trigger warnings are to give you the tools you require to complete the assigned work.

Please silence all your devices.

This is a late class and given our schedules, sometimes it is the only time we can eat dinner. Please don’t disrupt the class with noisy wrappers or packages. No tobacco products of any kind are allowed.

Your enrollment status is your responsibility.

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