Week 10: Spatial History

**Turn in a hard copy of your project proposal.**
How do digital maps change our historical perspectives? What new questions can maps raise?

Before Class

Blog Assignment
Due Sunday, November 15th at noon.
Worth 3 points. Blog responses should be at least 300 words; they should be written in a semi-formal scholarly style (with complete thoughts and correct spelling, grammar, and syntax). Partial responses (including responses that fail to meet the minimum word length or clearly fail to answer the prompt) will receive partial credit. Late posts will not be accepted.

Create a new map with at least 5 points of interest related to your topic, if the Chicago Rumsey map covers your areas of interest, please overlay it.

On your blog, embed and discuss this map—what you chose to map, why, and any observations or analysis about what it tells you about your topic. Have you learned anything new about those topics? These are just sample questions that you can answer, but I want you think critically about your map. Please save your map, make it public and embed the map in your post.

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