Week 4: Secondary Sources

Finding and evaluating secondary sources to help with your projects. What is a secondary source? Where can you find them?

Before Class

During Class
We will explore the secondary literature on the 1924 murders that inspired the stage play and movie, Chicago.

Blog Assignment
Due Sunday, October 4th at noon. Worth 3 points. Blog responses should be at least 300 words; they should be written in a semi-formal scholarly style (with complete thoughts and correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and full citations). Partial responses (including responses that fail to meet the minimum word length or clearly fail to answer the prompt) will receive partial credit. Late posts will not be accepted.

In your blog post for this week, choose one of the crimes you chose to explore in last week’s blog post. Based on your initial secondary source research, what questions do you have? What “historical questions” would you ask about this topic? Include in your post any questions you have that can be answered by research (e.g., “How did Lizzie Borden’s social status affect the outcome of her murder trial?”).

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