Sample Project Plugins

For the “example A project” Murder in Chicago, I used the following plugins

For easy footnotes using a shortcode, I used Inline Footnotes.

To adjust and override my chosen theme’s fonts (make them bigger and easier to read) I used Easy Google Fonts.

Materials for TimelineJS Examples

Timeline JS
FAQs & Help

EXAMPLE spreadsheet for class — Lincoln conspirators

  1. Make a copy and save it with a new name.
  2. Start to change details — headlines, text, images,  youtube, etc.
  3. Add a totally new slide.
  4. Create your timeline and embed it on a page on your site.
    1. Remember to add a new page in your navigation called “Timeline”.
    2. Remember to use the full page layout in your theme.

Historiographical Essays on Class Topics

Despite the breadth of topics you’re interested in tackling for your projects, there is some overlap. To that end, I’ll be putting some topical essays here to help you. Generally, these are historiographical essays which cover how other scholars  have studied and interpreted your topics. These essays should help you identify and winnow the vastness of available secondary sources. I’ll be adding sources here as I find them. You should cite these essays as you would any other secondary source.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Sean Purdy, “Conjuring History: The Many Interpretations of the Salem Witchcraft Trials” [pdf]

Emmett Till


Lizzie Borden


Black Sox