Week 4 – September 26

Secondary Sources in the Digital Age

Finding and evaluating secondary sources. What is a secondary source? How should you use them?

Before Class:

  • Read: Roy Rosenzweig, “Can History Be Open Source: Wikipedia and the Future of the Past,” The Journal of American History 93 no. 1 (Jun 2006): 117-146. [Available through ProQuest via Mason Libraries].
  • Watch: Heavy Metal Umlaut by Jon Udellon YouTube (approx. 8.5 min)
  • Read: Robert M. Ireland, “Insanity and the Unwritten Law,” American Journal of Legal History 32, no. 2 (April 1988): pp. 157-72. [Available through HeinOnline via Mason Libraries.] (We will discuss this article, which is a secondary source extensively in class.)