Assignment Grading Criteria

On your domain, you will be responsible for maintaining a blog where you will chronicle your skills exercises (there are seven) and longer reflective pieces (five). In total, these assignments are worth 30 points.

All longer written assignments will have a minimum length requirement. They should be written in a semi-formal scholarly style (with complete thoughts and correct spelling, grammar, and syntax); and are due on Saturday by 7pm each week they are assigned. Partial responses (including responses that fail to meet the minimum word length or clearly fail to answer the prompt) will receive partial credit. Late posts will lose points. Each skills assignment is worth roughly 1 point; each written assignment is worth roughly 4.5 points.

I will be grading them based on the following criteria:

Full credit. There is ample evidence that you worked on the skills we worked on in class. Work is published in a timely manner and shows an attempt to try the new skill. The blog post is focused and coherently answers or follows the prompt as assigned. It integrates outside examples with explanations and/or thoughtful analysis. The post reflects outside readings or research to help complete the prompt. Post is written in a lively style with complete thoughts, sentences, and correct grammar, spelling, and citations. Overall, the entry reflects in-depth engagement with the topic.

Half credit. Elements of the skills assignment are missing or weren’t attempted. The blog post mostly answers or follows the prompt as assigned–it consists of mostly description, summary, or short answers. The post excludes evidence, solid examples, or thoughtful analysis or reflects only a passing engagement with the topic. Post contains incomplete thoughts, sentences or paragraphs, but is clearly trying to convey a response to the prompt; there are spelling and grammar mistakes. Post may fail to meet the length requirement.

No Credit. The assignment or blog post is missing or consists of a few disconnected sentences and/or shows no evidence of student engagement with the topic.

I will post points and any feedback to the admin dashboard on your portfolios.