Final Project Examples

Murder in Chicago — my final project example

Student work:

Celia v Missouri


Resources for Timeline Project

All, here are all the resources we used in class for timeline project demo.

Midterm Timeline Assignment Details

Example Donner Party Timeline

Step-by-step tutorial on how to update the spreadsheet, create the timeline, and embed it onto a page on your website.

Google Spreadsheet — make a copy of this for your own timelines.

Timeline JS software — makes your timeline — you can preview and copy the embed code here.


WordPress Help

WordPress is a widely-used content management system. That means that you can find help for almost any WordPress problem online. Here are just a few links that you might useful throughout the course.

How to install WordPress (Reclaim Hosting Documentation)

New to WordPress? ( Documentation)

Installing and Activating WordPress Plugins (Reclaim Hosting Documentation)

How to add an image in a sidebar widget

How to create a navigation menu

How to install and activate a plugin

Posts versus Pages

How to install a new theme

How to add a new admin user to WordPress

Embedding and using Images in WordPress

Embedding media from other sites (graphs, maps, Timeline, etc)