Data Visualization Workshop

Alcohol-related deaths, Chicago Homicide Database

In-Class Digital Project Thesis Evals

Project #1 — A Mother’s Inheritance: Women, Interracial Identity, and Emancipation in Maryland, 1664-1820

Project #2 — Sheedy Murder Trial

Copy of Chicago Race Riots DB to Map

Final Project Examples

Murder in Chicago — my final project example

Student work:

Celia v Missouri


Resources for Timeline Project

All, here are all the resources we used in class for timeline project demo.

Midterm Timeline Assignment Details

Example Donner Party Timeline

Step-by-step tutorial on how to update the spreadsheet, create the timeline, and embed it onto a page on your website.

Google Spreadsheet — make a copy of this for your own timelines.

Timeline JS software — makes your timeline — you can preview and copy the embed code here.


Working Donner Party Timeline Spreadsheet

You can use this as your template for our tutorial today.

Finding Primary Sources — texts — links


Belva Gaertner

“No Sweetheart Worth Killing — Mrs Gaertner,” Chicago Tribune, March 14, 1924:

“State Launches Trial of Belva for Law Killing,” Chicago Tribune, June 5, 1924:

“Murderess Row Loses Class as Belva is Freed,” Chicago Tribune, June 7, 1924:

Beulan Annan

“Woman Plays Jazz While Victim Dies,” Chicago Tribune, April 4, 1924:

“Demand Noose for ‘Prettiest Woman Slayer’,” Chicago Tribune, April 5, 1924:



Scavenger Hunt Skills Assignment

Search for at least 3 of the 4 options below. Please post everything you find to your blogs in a new post. Include links to all digital sources you used to find answers. (You don’t have to use full Chicago citations – just links.) For credit, please post answers by Saturday, 9/23 at 7pm.

  1. Some historians point to a famous unsolved murder for New York’s 1845 passage of an abortion law which criminalized abortion for both the abortionist and the woman seeking an abortion. Who was killed and what circumstances surrounded her death?
    1. What does abortion have to do with the case? Can you find an actual newspaper covering the case?
    2. What famous published story did this case inspire? Name and author.
  2. Two of history’s only known female pirates were spared execution when they were captured because of the plea they entered at sentencing. What was that plea? What did it mean?
  3. How many people died during the Race Riots in Chicago in 1919? Who was the first victim? What were the circumstances surrounding his death?
  4. When did Virginia begin to use the electric chair? What women have been executed in Virginia by electric chair? What circumstances surround their alleged crimes?

WordPress Help

WordPress is a widely-used content management system. That means that you can find help for almost any WordPress problem online. Here are just a few links that you might useful throughout the course.

How to install WordPress (Reclaim Hosting Documentation)

New to WordPress? ( Documentation)

Installing and Activating WordPress Plugins (Reclaim Hosting Documentation)

How to add an image in a sidebar widget

How to create a navigation menu

How to install and activate a plugin

Posts versus Pages

How to install a new theme

How to add a new admin user to WordPress

Embedding and using Images in WordPress

Embedding media from other sites (graphs, maps, Timeline, etc)

Reclaim Hosting

For this class, you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting for your own website. We will be using Reclaim Hosting for this service; Reclaim lets you register a new domain AND purchase hosting (to host your new site) in one transaction. They also have good pricing for students. Their help desk is well aware that students dominate their service (they are run out of Mary Washington University), so they are quite friendly to the academic needs of web hosting.

To buy: Go to Reclaim Hosting and select “student/individual,” which will give you 2GB of storage and free domain registration. They will walk you through the process.

First you’ll select your domain name, so please think carefully about the domain name you want before you start. If your name is not available, the tool will give you suggestions to help you through the process.

When you checkout, use promo code reclaim4edu for 10% off the $30 fee for a year of hosting.

**If you happen to already have your own domain name and hosting (elsewhere or with Reclaim), please email me!

Please keep ALL administrative emails from Reclaim Hosting. Please do not install anything. We’ll do all of that together next week. You must have your domain name and hosting purchased before class on Tuesday, 9/7.