June 2 - July 22, 104 Robinson B, M & W 7:20-10p

Requirements & Assignments

Assignments and Projects


·       Weekly writing assignments (5) — 25%

·       Class participation — 15%

·       Midterm essay — 20%

·       Final project — 40%

Please note:

·       Late work will not be accepted.

·       You will need a Google account for the course.

Grading Scale

A = 94-100
A- = 90-93
B+ = 87-89
B = 84-86
B- = 80-83
C+ = 77-79
C = 74-76
C- = 70-73
D+ = 67-69
D = 64-66
D- = 60-63
F = Below 60


In addition to a Google account, each student will receive an invitation to the course portal, which will function as our online community. This site will be our hub for all assignments, activities, and course information. If you are uncomfortable using your name on this portal, please speak to me as soon as possible so that we can come up with an alias for you.

Weekly Writing Assignments: It is my goal to get you comfortable with writing for public consumption, which is something you will have to do once you’ve entered the workforce. Each week I will post a prompt to the course portal where you will then respond with your written reflections on the exercises, your progress in the course, or the development of your major project. These written responses should be at least 300 words, and are due on Fridays for the week in question.

There will be five total. Partial responses (including responses that fail to meet the minimum word length or clearly fail to answer the prompt) will receive only partial credit.

Class Participation: I expect each student to be an active participant in class discussions. Participation begins, obviously, with attendance, but it requires more than that. You need to come to class prepared to exchange ideas about the readings or assignments, to raise questions, and to speculate on our topics of discussion. Your grade for this part of the course does not depend on providing the “correct answers” to my questions, instead it will reflect upon your thoughtful contribution to our discussions. Failure to participate in our discussions will not only have a negative impact on your final grade, but will also make the class less enjoyable for you and for everyone else in class.

Midterm: There will be a take-home midterm essay, due at the start of Week 7, which will ask you to apply the concepts covered in the first half of the course. We’ll cover the expectations for this exam more in class.

Final Project: Each student will complete a digital project that speaks to or answers a significant question about DC-area history. These projects are not simply classroom assignments; they will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the digital skills that are central to the course. My goal is for you to leave the course with a portfolio of digital work. We will cover the expectations for this assignment extensively in class.

Important Dates

  • June 2 – First day of class
  • June 5 – Last day to drop this course with no penalty.
  • June 10 – Last day to drop this course with 50% penalty.
  • July 1 – Fall 2014 Graduation Applications are available.
  • July 3 – Summer Graduation Applications are available.
  • July 17 – Last day of classes for Session B.
  • July 21 – Final projects due.