"Eniac" by Unknown - U.S. Army Photo. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
“Eniac” by Unknown – U.S. Army Photo. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Welcome to the Introduction to History and New Media.

Digital technology is transforming how historians research, interpret, and communicate our ideas about the past. This seminar is designed to introduce teachers to the theories and methods of digital history, including the resources, skills, and tools in use today by digital historians. Throughout the semester, we will pursue both the technical and theoretical aspects of digital history. For example, we will explore new forms of historical writing, such as blogs and wikis, and the questions digital history raises about the nature of historical thinking. We will also evaluate the means by which history is being distributed, evaluated, and taught. In so doing, we will turn a critical eye to the various types of websites, resources, and tools available to and being created by individuals in the service of sharing the past.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester you will have:

  1. Developed a sense of the scope of the field of digital history and the work that has been produced in the field;
  2. Obtained a working knowledge of the methods and basic tools used in digital history;
  3. Developed an understanding of how the new tools and methods of digital history are transforming historical thinking, research, and writing;
  4. Gained an understanding of how students (and teachers) can investigate history by accessing all types of digitally-available sources; and
  5. Developed a practical resource to help you incorporate these newly-learned digital methods and/or tools into your own classes.


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