Grades & Assignments

Class Participation and Attendance (10%): This course cannot be successful without the engagement and participation of the members of the class. We have only one evening a week together and a tremendous amount of material to cover so that we meet our learning goals. Therefore, you will be responsible for attending every class period, taking an active part in discussion, and respectfully offering feedback to your classmates.

Lead Discussion (15%): You will be responsible for leading the discussion for a week of the class (depending on numbers, you may be required to collaborate with another student on this assignment.) It may be helpful to pose discussion questions for your colleagues to consider prior to reading. Please take special care to work with the practicum items, tools, and sites for the week. Each of these should enter into the plan for the class conversation. I will grade the quality of your preparation and your ability to engage your colleagues with the material for the week, including the readings, the tools, and the websites on the syllabus.

Course Blog & Weekly Reflections (35%): Each student will be responsible for maintaining a blog where they chronicle their practicum work for the course, the development of their major projects, and their reflections on the course readings. We will create this site during our first class meeting on Jan. 12th. Weekly reflections will be due on Mondays at 6pm. These written assignments are meant to reflect upon the past week’s work. Please feel free to incorporate thoughts from our discussion that week and any skills or tools we learned during that week’s class.

Please use this space to explore your reactions to the texts we’re reading, our discussions, the skills we’re learning, and/or the tools and resources we’re discovering. In particular, it would be nice if your reflections reached out into your other areas of interest or teaching experiences to reflect the larger context of your professional interests and training.

In addition to posting your reflections each week, you should read and comment on those of your classmates. I would like very much for this interaction to constitute an organic exchange outside of our time together, so I hope that you will eventually do beyond the basics of these requirements. In addition to our face-to-face discussions, I invite you to use your blog site as a means to share materials and insights.

During the week that you lead discussion, in addition to your weekly reflection, I’d also like a short reflection about your discussion: how effective were you in engaging the class; what issues emerged in the discussion; did the discussion change your thinking on any of the topics or themes raised? You may email these to me in the word processing format of your choice. It’s likely easiest to write these immediately after our discussion, but ultimately this discussion reflection is due before the end of the semester.

Final Project (40%): For your final project, you will construct and share a learning experience incorporating the digital methods, tools, and/or resources we’ve covered during the semester.

Part 1: Project

You will construct a complete learning experience using some aspect of digital technology. You may base your learning experience on a core of primary source documents, a central digital skill (mapping, data work, etc.), or some combination of the two.

For this assignment, you can create an alpha version of a new learning module using digital technology or you can adapt one of your pre-existing teaching modules to incorporate digital technology. You must turn in the details of this module in any format you wish (online, powerpoint, written, etc.)

Additionally, you will submit an essay that describes in detail the experience you have created and the decisions you made when creating it. This must include a discussion of the resources and tools you plan to use and how you want to use them; details of the assignments and workshops you plan to use to teach these resources and tools; and any assessments you will use to gauge progress and learning. Specifically, I’d like to understand your approach to digital technology (including any of the assigned readings that influenced you), the challenges you expect to face, and the rewards you hope to see.

You must email me ( the learning experience (in any format you wish) and your essay by May 10 at 7pm.

Part 2: Presentation

During our final class meeting you’ll give a 10-minute presentation on your project-in-progress to the class for feedback and suggestions. You may then incorporate this feedback into your projects/essay before you turn it in. Each student will be given ~10 minutes for presentation and another ~5 min for constructive feedback. Peer-to-peer input and critique is an important aspect of digital work, so all are expected to participate.

Grading Scale

The following grading scale from the Graduate Catalog is in effect for this course.

  • A+ 99-100 4.00
  • A 93-98 4.00
  • A- 90-92 3.67
  • B+ 87-89 3.33
  • B 83-86 3.00
  • B- 80-82 2.67
  • C 70-79 2.00
  • F 69 and below


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